February 13, 2018

Amongst the many reasons Moringa Oleifera is hailed as a tree of miracles, is its phenomenal and comprehensive treatment to battle cancer.
So how Moringa does treats cancer?


    February 11, 2018

Packed with a wealth of immensely healthy nutrients, the benefits Moringa has for mankind are truly miraculous. Every part of Moringa or “the miracle tree”, from its roots, leaves and bark has exceptional health benefits. It is a powerful blend of antioxidants, minerals and vitamins. Moringa can be consumed raw, in a powdered form as a cooked item.


    December 25, 2017

Moringa is the tree native to the tropical and subtropical regions of India, Latin America, Asia, Oceania and Africa. More commonly known as the ‘drumstick tree’, moringa has many benefits tied to its name. Another very common title which this plant has rightfully earned is ‘the miracle tree’. Do you wonder why?


    December 22, 2017

In traditional and naturopathic medicine, healers claim that the Moringa plant can inhibit tumour growth and contribute to cancer prevention and therapy, including acting as a chemoprotective agent to prevent the drastic side effects of radiation. With recent exploration into the anti-cancer potential of Moringa plants, numerous studies have taken place to investigate the overall effectiveness of the plant with regards to cancer prevention. Findings of recent studies suggest that leaf extracts from the Moringa plant have a powerful effect in preventing the proliferation of human cancer cells and inducing cell death. Thus, Moringa leaves have potential for and can be integrated as a therapeutic target for cancer.


    December 22, 2017

Being diagnosed with Cancer is definitely one of the things that people hope not to experience in his or her life. Prevention is always the best cure that is why it is necessary for one to maintain a lifestyle and follow health habits that would prevent the onset of this fatal disease.

Throughout history, Moringa has been used as a medicine for a variety of cultures and civilizations that existed in the same area that the plant grew, including ancient Egyptians, Greeks and Romans. Here is no doubt about the unmatched properties of Moringa in terms of its nutritional benefits. This is also true about the high concentration of proven active antioxidants.