Can Moringa Powder Treat Cancer?

February 13, 2018     admin

Amongst the many reasons Moringa Oleifera is hailed as a tree of miracles, is its phenomenal and comprehensive treatment to battle cancer.
So how Moringa does treats cancer?

Kills cancer tumors

With many proven researches and more underway, it has been medically declared that Moringa not only kills cancerous tumors but prevents its further formation. Moringa plant is infused with anti-cancer agents such as benzyl isothiocyanate which play a key role in combating the growth of the tumor in the body.

Chemo-protective capabilities

Enduring chemotherapy proves very tough for many cancer patients. Most of the patients are unable to survive through chemotherapy itself because their body loses strength. Cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy are often prescribed chemo-protective medicines to help them cope with the extensive treatment. Moringa is enriched with certain chemo-protective chemicals and compounds that possess the capability to strengthen the cells of the patients, aiding them through the chemotherapy process.

Cancer Prevention

As the old adage goes, prevention is indeed the best cure there is. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle, taking good care of one’s diet and embracing healthy habits are some of the first steps towards preventing diseases like cancer. Moringa has proven to be a trusted ally in preventing a fatal disease like cancer. Infused with high nutritional content and loaded with calcium, iron, potassium, protein, Vitamin A and C. Moringa ensures optimum intake for a good health and help the body fight cancerous cells.

All the good antis

Moringa plant possesses significant anti-inflammatory, anti-allergenic, anti-viral, antioxidants and pain relieving properties that helps cope with chemotherapy and combats other possible infections.

Fights malnutrition

During their regular treatment cancer patients undergo complications like malnutrition. Chemotherapy causes a loss of appetite and speedy weight loss and cases of critical malnutrition in cancer patients. This lays an adverse impact on the cancer patient’s progress and response to the treatment. Moringa, being a miracle herb is widely recommended to help meet the diet and nutrient requirements of the patients who are unable to stick to regular diet.

Death pill to Lung, Ovarian and Breast Cancer Cells

After a plethora of research being conducted, scientists discovered that moringa extracts induces death to cancer cells that lead to lung, breast, ovarian and skin cancer. It is the only medicinal herb that has rendered positive results in battling ovarian cancer cells.

Moringa despite having proved it comprehensive benefits to curing fatal ailments and diseases including cancer, HIV and diabetes, it is important to know that all people respond differently to different treatments. Therefore before including Moringa supplements in your diet, it is wise to take your physician’s approval.




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