Organic Moringa Leaf Powder Benefits

February 11, 2018     admin

Packed with a wealth of immensely healthy nutrients, the benefits Moringa has for mankind are truly miraculous. Every part of Moringa or “the miracle tree”, from its roots, leaves and bark has exceptional health benefits. It is a powerful blend of antioxidants, minerals and vitamins. Moringa can be consumed raw, in a powdered form as a cooked item.
Here are some benefits of consuming organic Moringa;

1. Combats liver damage

The presence of phytochemicals like catechin, epicatechin, ferulic acid and Vitamin C serve as protection to the liver and safeguards it from damage caused by the consumption of anti-tubercular drugs. It is also enriched with stimulating properties that speed up the recovery from liver damage. Regular consumption of this organic herb: Moringa powder is greatly beneficial to the liver.

2. Helps treat stomach disorders

Moringa extracts are very effective in the treatment of stomach conditions like constipation, ulcerative colitis and gastritis. In fact, this superfood is proven to be a great herbal alternative to several commercially available medicines like antacids and antihistamines. It plays a great role in reducing ulcerative colitis. It is also fused with various antibiotic and antibacterial agents that prevent the growth of fatal viruses and infections.

3. Skin and Hair Health

The seed oil obtained from Moringa holds a lot of advantages for hair and skin, pacing great healing properties to prevent infections caused by herpes simplex viruses. The oil also carries remarkable hydrating and detoxifying properties which prevents the harmful pollutants that cause the skin to age and wrinkle. Since decades, Moringa seed oil has proven to be favorable for hair care, as it provides the hair protection from environmental deterrents like ultraviolet radiation. It has also been widely used by many as hair conditioner to strengthen hair roots and encourage its growth.

4. Trusted treatment for cancer

Moringa is widely researched over its anti-cancer properties and scientific research supports this herbs favorable role in tumor therapy. Moringa extracts are infused with chemopreventive which restrict and restrain the growth of malignant cancer cells. It has been widely used in the treatment of different types of cancer including ovarian, skin and lung cancer.

5. Treatment for Edema

The roots extracts of Moringa tree have great anti-inflammatory properties, which studies prove can greatly combat the development of edema. The anti-inflammatory potential of moringa root extracts is as good as any medicinal indomethacin to treat painful conditions.

6. Improves Bone Health

Presences of minerals like calcium and phosphorous in Moringa extracts attribute to the overall health of the bones. The anti-inflammatory agents found in the herb are also trusted treatment of chronic painful conditions like arthritis. Moringa has been used extensively to treat various bone ailments.

7. Strengthens the Cardiovascular System

Moringa extracts are rich in powerful antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties that have favorable effects in preventing cardiac damage. Inculcation of Moringa in regular diet can significantly control blood pressure levels and boost healthy heart.




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