Moringa Helps Increase Milk Production in Lactating Mothers

When 250mg of Moringa Oleifera is taken twice daily, there is a time-dependent increase in milk production; the lone study noted that the increase relative to placebo on the third day of supplementation was to 265% of placebo (a 165% increase).

Studies also have shown that moringa can be used as an anti-nonproliferative agent, thereby inhibiting the growth of cancer cells. Soluble and solvent extracts of leaves have been proven as effective as anticancer agents. Furthermore, research papers suggest that the anti-proliferative effect of cancer may be due to its ability to induce reactive oxygen species in the cancer cells.

In addition, our liver is responsible for fat metabolism, fructose metabolism, bile production, and filtering out all the toxins and waste in the body—a job that can be extremely taxing. Due to Moringa's high level of polyphenols, it’s able to help protect the liver from oxidative stress and toxicity. To best be able to perform all of these functions, the liver requires liver enzymes, and Moringa helps to restore these to normal levels. Moringa has also been shown to reduce liver fibrosis, and reverse oxidative stress—which could have profound implications for human health.